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Our great friend and twinning champion Nikolaus Roth dies

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It is with great sadness that we report the news that our great friend Nikolaus Roth, Oberbürgermeister of our twin town, Neuwied, has died. He was just 59 and was on a sailing holiday with his family in Greece. He was an ardent supporter of our twinning and a wise and caring man. His death has occurred just before our 30th anniversary celebration in September and October when our friends from Neuwied will be visiting us. He is pictured above (second from left) during our Bromley visit to Neuwied last year.

Our deepest sympathies go out to his widow Agnes, his daughter Anke and son Ingo. Among his closest friends in Bromley were David and Lynne Noble. David writes: "As you know, Lynne & I developed a lovely friendship with Nikolaus and Agnes over the past 15 years. Nikolaus was a very wise, knowledgeable and caring man;  he and Agnes and their daughter and son were very close - and, indeed, he and Agnes were still very much in love."

Nikolaus came from Trier. He studied jurisprudence at the Johannes-Gutenberg University in Mainz. A lifelong member of the Social Democratic Party, he became Bürgermeiister (Mayor) of Neuwied in 1997 and Oberbürgermeister(Over-mayor) in 2000.

After a family funeral, a service of celebration was held at St. Matthias Church, Neuwied, on Tuesday, July 11. The Mayor of Bromley, Councillor Kathy Bance, and the outgoing Mayor, Councillor Ian Payne, attended.

Roth obit

Portrait of a wonderful friend, Nikolaus Roth

Nikolaus spoke recently about the 30th anniversary of our twinning. He said:

“In 2017 we can look back over a 30-year town twinning link between Neuwied and Bromley. The partnership between our two towns was formally signed on October 16, 1987, by Bromley Mayor John Lewis and Neuwied’s Oberbürgermeister Karl-Heinz Schmelzer.  The following year saw the creation of the Freundeskreis Neuwied-Bromley, the town twinning association in Neuwied.

“The purpose and reason for the twinning was the strengthening of Europe’s process of integration. War-time combatants should become friends and partners for ever. The town twinning partnership was both a political symbol of peace and a means of creating decades-long personal friendships.

“The partnership with Bromley is one of Neuwied’s most active  twinning links and is highly valued. This is largely thanks to the efforts of the twinning associations in Neuwied and Bromley, who set up, build and maintain all kinds of contacts in the two towns.

“Our town twinning partnership has lost none of its significance after the referendum decision of the UK to leave the EU. Quite the opposite! 

Especially now it is important to bring people closer together through a partnership of this kind, and to negate the consequences of an unfortunate political situation.

“In Neuwied we will nurture and expand existing contacts, as the saying goes ‘jetzt erst recht' – ‘now more than ever.' "


Our sympathies go out to the family of Nikolaus

Last update: July 19, 2017

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