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Neuwied CastleThe towns of Bromley and Neuwied have celebrated 30 years of friendship. Bromley is one of London's 32 boroughs and is to the south-east of London. It occupies the largest area of any London borough, including a wide expanse of farmland. Neuwied is on right bank of the Rhine between Bonn and Koblenz, close to many of the historic sites of the Rhine. It is also called Dyke City because it is protected from Rhine floods by a seven kilometre dyke.


How to get to Neuwied

The two towns are 398 miles or 641 kilometres apart so Neuwied is at least a day's drive away. If you want to go by train, then take a Eurostar from St Pancras International to Brussels Midi and change to a train to Cologne. Neuwied is on the railway line from Cologne to Koblenz. And who knows? We may in a couple of years have a direct Deutsche Bahn train from St Pancras to Cologne and Frankfurt, making the rail journey to Neuwied much faster. If you fly, then the best airport to land at is Cologne. Click here to see the local map of Neuwied.

Neuwied website in English

Neuwied also runs its town website in English as well as German. The site contains details of the town itself, things to see roundabout and a section on its Twin Towns partnership with Bromley. If you have knowledge of German, the German version has fuller details of events in the town throughout the year. For our Neuwied friends, you can get all the details about Bromley on our borough website.

Top, Schloss Neuwied (Neuwied Palace) near the banks of the Rhine