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We will try to keep you posted on Neuwied events. You will always as members be very welcome there even if you are not on an official association visit. Every two years, we visit Neuwied over a long weekend, and they visit us in the alternate year. But don't let that stop you from going to the many events in or near Neuwied – from carnivals and festivals to fireworks over the Rhine – that make our twinning so worthwhile.

Pictured below is the biennial visit of the Bromley Town Twinning Association to Neuwied in 2016 as we mingle with our hosts the Freundeskreis Neuwied-Bromley, our sister organisation in Neuwied.

Horn music

New use for a telephone box

Some 30 years ago, one of our first gifts to Neuwied was a traditional English telephone box. It funcioned for a long time on the square in front of the castle. As its fellow German yellow boxes gradually disappeared as modern mobile technology replaced them, the red box changed from being an eyecatcher to a dilapidated symbol that had passed its time. The German Telekom organisation did not want to spend large sums on a modern conversion.

For a few months the telephone box disappeared – but not for scrapping. It went to the Alice Salomon School where the career preparation year students under the leadership of their teachers Klaus Mallmann (metalwork) and Wolfram Ernst (carpentry) took on its restoration. For the young people it was their first encounter with a telephone box and they took up their task with great enthusiasm. The kiosk was given new coats of bright red paint and the panes of glass and the complete inside were renewed.

The work was close to the school’s heart as part of its educational vocation work. It gave the pupils a chance to develop themselves and their confidence. But the phone box will no longer serve its original purpose. It will beome a mini-library in the town centre. Small book shelves have been put inside. Books can be easily borrowed without formality and returned. This mini-library idea has already caught on in many German towns.

Now the kiosk from Bromley will wear a bright new dress and we of the two town twinning associations thank the students and will hope the box brings them all good luck in their careers. Below is the opening ceremony.

.phone box

Carnival time

Karneval – in English, Carnival – is a famous feature of the Rhineland towns and of Neuwied life. See our page on Karneval for our description of this wonderful event and to discover what it's all about if you would like to make the trip from Bromley. It's an experience not to be missed. The frenzy of activity peaks on Rose Monday (Rosenmontag) with a grand carnival parade through Neuwied.


In July comes the town's annual festival, the Deichstadtfest – on the second weekend of the month. In fact, it's a long weekend from Thursday to Sunday.

River tower

Our sister association in Neuwied, the Freundeskreis, are always prominent in the Deichstadtfest. To learn more about the Deichstadtfest tradition see our page on the festival.

Deichstadt stands for dyke town as a dyke prevents the town from flooding in stormy times. You can see the high level of waters from historical measurements on the side of the dyke.

Pictured is the River Rhine as it passes Neuwied's flood defences.

Christmas markets

Planning to see the German Christmas markets in the winter of 2019? Why not include Neuwied in your visit? The Christmas market in Neuwied itself runs from late November, to Christmas Eve, with all the traditional accompaniments such as Glühwein and gingerbread (Lebkuchen) hearts and figures.Nikolaus Roth

There are other Christmas events too in the districts of Neuwied. The Nußknackermarkt (nutcracker market) takes place in Engers, and traditional Christmas markets are held in Rommersdorf, Altwied and Gladbach.

For any Bromley resident visiting the famous Cologne market, we would certainly suggest taking in the Neuwied festivities as well. It's a simple train journey between Cologne and Neuwied without any changing. And we can put you in touch with Neuwieders who would be glad to show you around.

Currywurst festival

Neuwied even has a yearly January curry festival to celebrate that Currywurstpopular variant of the German sausage, Currywurst. Street stands sell almost every variety there is. Be prepared for some very exotic versions of Currywurst, that you certainly have never sampled in England.

Rhein in Flammen

The Rhein in Flammen (Rhine in Flames) is a spectacular firework night along large stretches of the River Rhine.

Rhine in flames

From Bonn to Linz near Neuwied and back again, up to 70 boats make their way together along the river with spectacular firework displays along the banks lighting up the night sky. The event takes place on the first Saturday of every May.


Neuwied has a very traditional market twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays on the Luisenplatz with a big choice of flowers, fruit and vegetables, sausages and meats and fish. It begins at 7 in the morning and finishes at 2 in the afternoon.


In 2010, a large party from the Bromley Town Twinning Association were taken by their Neuwied friends to see by boat the spectacular display of night-time fireworks along the Rhine from Linz to Bonn. Some 70 boats took part in the event.