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Bromley Civic CentreBromley Town Twinning Association is a voluntary body separate from the council of the London Borough of Bromley and running under its own funding.

We are run by a committee which meets monthly in the Bromley Civic Centre (right).

The committee is elected each year at an annual general meeting which is traditionally chaired by the current Mayor of Bromley and normally takes place in March or April.

These are the committee officials for 2018/19


Chairman: Peter Brown

Vice Chairwoman: Jane Beckley

Secretary: Helen Gibbons

Treasurer: Arthur Wilkinson

Membership Secretary: Jane Beckley


Management Committee members: Ruth Bennett, Sheila Brown, Norma Classen, Jane Harding, Julia Knox, David Noble, Ralph Skelton, Joe Weiss.

Council Members currently nominated to serve on the Management Committee are Councillor Ruth Bennett, Councillor Kim Botting and Councillor Mary Cooke. Mrs Bennett will be standing down from the council in the forthcoming local elections in May.


Please see our contacts page for further details


Our partner association in Neuwied also have a website – in German. The association is called the Freundeskreis Neuwied-Bromley (translation Neuwied-Bromley Friendship Circle)